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We are specialist in Oil Seal & Molded Rubber Parts, which are in different applications, such as automobile, machinery, water-treatment system and industrial components, among others.  We are supplying seals on an OEM basis.  All standard models and types are available.  For special applications or usage, we can also customize your own designs or samples for producing seals to meet specifications in exact details.  Its various products are exported to overseas market all over the world.  With its wide range of sealing products, we are continuously to value its customers and to gain in the worldwide reputation by its solid operation.


Materials normally applied in produce oil seal include NBR, PA, SIlLICONE, and VITON rubber etc.
Make selection according to fluid type and operating temperature Under wide application conditions Now we are to make interpretation on the following rubber materials. 

1.NBR (Nitrile rubber) 
NBR has an oil-resisting property better than other synthetic rubber 
So it is widely applied to oil seals. It has good heat resistance .The defective problem is poor chemical resistance. 

2. PA (Polyacrylate rubber)
Applied specifically to shaft seal of vehicles. Normally the PA rubber is applied to the shafts of vehicle engine, transmission gears & pinions, power steering system and won't get hardened by heat or lube oil additives,and the vulnerability is that 
this material will degrade in water or steam environment, the anti-cold ability and tensile strength is lower than NBR.

3. SI (Silicone rubber)
The SI rubber bears a very weak tensile strength then other polyesters in dry condition; therefore it's not suitable to become oil seal of rotating shaft. However, 
SI could resistance to heat and low temperature.

4. VI (Fluorinated rubber)
The VI rubber can withstand oil temperature up to 150-230oC and still be in good state. And also can withstand chemicals. The vulnerability of VI rubbe
r is that it cannot withstand low temperature and will harden in a temperature at -20~-30oC. 
VI rubber is for high temperature use.