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                                VALVE GUIDE 

                                  VALVE SEAT
                                            ENGINE VALVE  - INLET VALVE & EXHAUST VALVE 

Engine Valve - Inlet Valve and Exhaust Valve 

The material of “Engine Valve” is heat-resisting stainless steel (JIS-SUH3, SUH35, SUH36).  These engine valves possess high strength, anti-wear, anti-corrosion and hear-resisting.  The material of engine valve have to be forged with the finest steel, process and flat surface grinding of high precision.


Valve Guide

The material of Valve Guide is cast iron & bronze alloy.  The material of cast iron (FC-30 or FC-25), the hardness reaches HRB92-102, anti-wear and heat-resisting. The material of bronze alloy (Aluminum bronze & Phosphor bronze), the hardness reaches HRB85-95, long-wearing and heat-resisting. These features reduce the wear of engine valve.  The processing of valve guide shall be adopted with CNC computer automatic lathe to ensure that quality of the products reached the standard of O.E.M and used by all kind of engine.


Valve Seat

There are manu different materials for customers to choose.  The material of valve seat is heat-resisting & anti-corrode stainless steel.  It has high scatting strength, against high temperature and anti-wear.  Valve seats are made using CNC lathe seamless technology with extremely high level no matter in dimension or in appearance and used by all kind of engine.